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Application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way error in any module or service


QAID # 11118 Published

Question / Problem:

Why do I receive an error message similar to the following from all stations and servers:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. Program: C:\Program Files\Ascent\Bin\Scan.exe. This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information."?

Answer / Solution:

This can be caused by Symantec's Endpoint application. Configure the Endpoint exclusion list to include all of Kofax Capture / Ascent Capture's executables. Also include any add-on modules such as INDICIUS, KTM, Xtrata, etc. that may be used.

Include VRS' Resolve.exe, which is the auto-resolve manager icon in the System Tray. This application loads from the ImgCtls\Bin directory where VRS is installed.

Below is a list of the Capture modules:

ACDeployUtil.exe Deployment Utility
ACIRsa.exe RSA (only at Remote Sites)
ACISCfg.exe ACI service configurator (Central Site only)
ACSvc.exe License server
ACXMLAI.exe Auto Import
Admin.exe Administration module (Central Site only)
AutoImport.exe Standard Auto Import module
DButil.exe Database Utility
FP.EXE Recognition Server module
Index.exe Validation module
KfxPdf.exe PDF Generator module
OCR.EXE OCR Full Text module
Ops.exe Batch Manager
QC.EXE Quality Control module
Release.exe Release module (Central Site only, except for KC 8.x)
ReportViewer.exe Report Viewer module
Scan.exe Scan module
SepSheet.exe Separator Sheet Utility
ShPrData.exe User Profiles/Linked Users background process. There is no user interface for this component, however, it is called whenever User Profiles or Linked Users are enabled.
Verify.exe Verification module

Applies to:

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 6.0 Administration
CAPTURE 6.1 Administration
CAPTURE 7.0 Administration
CAPTURE 7.5 Administration
CAPTURE 8.0 Administration