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Internal program error finenet useridentity.cpp 78 Error code 0x5


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Question / Problem:

I receive an error message similar to the following from the PDF Generator module:

PDF Generator Error: Internal program error: d:\build\13.0.16\0\finenet\finenet\useridentity.cpp, 78. Error code: 0x5

How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

The following tag can be added to the ACConfig.xml file located in the CaptureSV\Config folder:

    <MultiProcessingMode Value="0"/>

More information can be found on page 343 of the Kofax Capture 10.2 Administration Guide:

Value Default value: 1 (Off)

0 - On
Prevents a PDF Generator internal
program error.

1: Disabled.
OK to edit.

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