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PDF 1.4 and PDFA


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Question / Problem:

What is the difference between Kofax Capture PDF/A and PDF 1.4?

Answer / Solution:

Kofax Capture PDF/A is based on the PDF Reference Version 1.4 from Adobe Systems Inc.

Although Kofax Capture PDF/A is in fact a subset of PDF, it doesn't support all PDF features.

Key elements to Kofax Capture PDF/A compatibility include:

  • Audio and video content are forbidden.
  • JavaScript and executable file launches are prohibited.
  • All fonts must be embedded and also must be legally embeddable for unlimited, universal rendering. This also applies to the so-called PostScript standard fonts such as Times or Helvetica.
  • Colorspaces specified in a device-independent manner.
  • Encryption is disallowed.
  • Permission Rights is disallowed.
  • Use of standards-based metadata is mandated.

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