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PDF Compression File Size Reduction


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Question / Problem:

How much will PDF Compression reduce the file size of PDF files?

Answer / Solution:

The size of the resulting compressed PDF file will depend on several factors. Generally speaking, the smaller the file size, the more that quality will suffer; the larger the file size, the better the quality will be. Testing will need to be done to determine an acceptable balance between quality and file size for your implementation.

From the Kofax PDF Compression Release Notes:

In the Resolution box, specify the resolution of the images for the PDF document that is being saved as an output file. It is recommended that you set the value to 300 DPI. This causes fewer artifacts and results in better compression.

In the JPEG Quality box, specify the JPEG quality for images saved in the output file. It is recommended that you enter a value of 100 percent. High values increase quality but increase file size; low values reduce quality but reduce file size.

You can adjust any of the following under Compression Settings:

  • Sensitivity: High settings preserve faint data; low settings suppress textured backgrounds.
  • Background Quality: The background is rendered as a compressed image, and this parameter controls the quality of this image.
  • Picture Quality: Pictures are rendered as compressed images. This option adjusts picture quality and file size.
Note: For all of the PDF Compression sliders, it is recommended that you accept the default settings because they are preset to produce the best results for a variety of documents. Adjustment of these settings has no effect on bitonal images.

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