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PDF Generator Error Unknown Exception from PDF Compression


Question / Problem: 

Some batches processed through PDF Generator, with PDF Compression enabled, may encounter an 'Unknown Exception' error.  

  • Not all batches or images may cause the issue to occur; 
  • The error message is unspecific and is included in the Batch History, as follows: 

PDF Generator Error: Unknown exception 

Is this a known Bug?  Is there any FixPack or Workarounds available?

Answer / Solution: 

This is a known bug for which there is a fix available for Kofax Capture and newer versions of the software.  

1. To resolve this issue, please contact Kofax Technical Support to be provided with a Critical On-Demand HotFix for Kofax Capture which will be made available to the Kofax Electronic Fulfillment site as a 3.40 MB Fix file ( for COD-10127 - KC 11.0.0 - PDF Generator shows UNKNOWN Exception - which includes the following fix: 1280187 - Unknown exception error occurs in PDF Generator.

Note: A permanent solution is expected within Kofax Capture 11.0; Service Pack 1; FixPack 1 (KC11.0.1.1).  

2. Alternative Workaround(s) to patching the affected machine(s) running PDF Generator are included, below: 
    A) Roll back the version of the Kofax VirtualReScan software to VRS, if it is possible as PDF Compression uses the underlying ImageControls from VRS.  
    B) Add or modify a tag for the ACConfig.xml to force different PDF Compression engine, if the resulting image quality is acceptable to business:

<PDF_Compression_Settings EnableDLCompression="1" DLCompressionQuality="2" />

Note: Once enabled, the old PDF Compression engine is no longer used, regardless of the settings in the PDF profiles.

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