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Delay Opening and Processing Batches on Workstations



Question / Problem:

I experience delay when opening Batch Manager, creating a new batch, processing a batch in Batch Manager, Scan, Validation, and other Kofax Capture modules from client workstations. The issue doesn't occur on the server. Anti Virus has been disabled. How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

Perform a Process Monitor trace and look for an unusual number of TCP Reconnect operations.  These may be an indicator that something on the network is temporarily blocking or delaying traffic between the workstation and the Capture server on certain ports.

The Process Monitor trace will show something like the following:

  • Process Name: Kofax Capture module process name that is being monitored. Batch Manager module will show as ops.exe.
  • PID: Random number assigned by the Operating System.
  • Operation: TCP Reconnect
  • Path: workstationmachinename:portnumber1 -> servermachinename:portnumber2
  • Result: SUCCESS
  • Detail: Length: 0, seqnum: 0, connid: 0

Opening portnumber2 on the network should resolve the issue.

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