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Module Processes take a long time to close after installing SP1 for Capture 10


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Question / Problem:

Kofax Capture module processes (Batch Manager, Recognition Server, etc.) seem to have a long delay to close / disappear from the Task Manager ¦ Processes tab after applying Kofax Capture 10 Service Pack (SP) 1.

How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

There is a feature in Kofax Capture 10 SP1 that will report additional data for the Kofax Reporting product.

If Kofax Reporting is not installed in the Kofax Capture environment, then it is recommended to disable the Kofax Reporting feature to eliminate the delay by adding "<Reporting Enable="0"/>" to the ACConfig.xml file:

    <Reporting Enable="0"/>

Afterwards, restart the Kofax Capture service from the Service Control Manager, and restart any modules that are running to ensure that the ACConfig.XML file is re-read.

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Keywords: module close delay, reporting, single sign on, cod 2103, cod 2151

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