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Opening and Closing of Batches in any Capture module is very slow


QAID # 22484 Published

Question / Problem:

The opening and/or closing of Batches in any Capture module is severely slow or delayed.

Answer / Solution:

Kofax Reporting flushes statistical data to disk upon the closing of a Batch, therefore a delay might be due to accessing the storage which is located at %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Kofax\Reporting\Client\Log.  If Kofax Reporting is not being actively used, it should be disabled to speed up opening and closing batches.

To disable Kofax Reporting:

  1. Back up the current ACConfig.xml file.
  2. Add the following element to the \\<ServerName>\CaptureSV\Config\ACConfig.xml file to the bottom right above the </ACConfig> closing tag:
        <Reporting Enable="2"/>
  3. Save this change.
  4. Restart the Kofax Capture service from the Service Control Manager.

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