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Custom Hot Key or keyboard shortcut to Verify or Review a Document in Quality Control


Question / Problem: 

Is it possible to configure a custom key to Verify/Review a document in Kofax Quality Control module or any user module?

Answer / Solution: 

You can change any of the Hot-Keys used as follows:

  1. Open QC module or any user module
  2. Right-click on toolbar > Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  3. At Choose commands from change from File to HOME
  4. Scroll down and add REVIEW to the selected commands
  5. At Keyboard shortcuts click on customize
  6. Select HOME for categories
  7. Select REVIEW for Commands
  8. Click into the Press new shortcut key selection
  9. Select desired Shortcut Key combination
  10. Click on assign to save this new shortcut
  11. Click Close
  12. Click OK


Applies to:  

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