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1D Bar Code on color or grayscale image under 200DPI not read without EBC license in Recognition


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Question / Problem:

I have a bar code (not a 2D bar code) on a grayscale/color image that is not recognized in Recognition Server without an EBC license. The barcode is read in the Administration module when performing a Zone Test, so why can’t the Recognition Server module in Capture read it?

Answer / Solution:

If the bar code is a page level bar code under 200 DPI, it will not be read/recognized in Recognition without an EBC License because it is a grayscale/color image. This information is documented in the Kofax Capture Administration Guide.

However, if you create an Index Zone around it, then the bar code will be read without an EBC license in Recognition — the reason being that the image is converted by the Recognition Server module to a black and white image for recognition purposes.

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