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Document was not confidently separated error separating grayscale images by bar code


QAID # 15855 Published

Question / Problem:

After importing images in grayscale for bar code separation in Recognition Server (non-EBC), Batches get to the first page and then fail and stop without processing the other pages:

2:35:48 PM Opened batch, name "10/11/2011 2:32:39 PM", class "GrayscaleFPTest"
2:35:52 PM Separated document #1, ( 0% confidence, 0% difference )
2:35:52 PM Error: Document was not confidently separated.
2:35:52 PM Closed batch

Answer / Solution:

Upon inspection, Recognition Server is creating bitonal t-files in the temporary image location, but is not trying to process them.

This can occur if the original grayscale file is under 200 DPI. Without the Enhanced Bar Code engine, Recognition Server requires 200 DPI files to read bar codes. If you took the t-files and created a new Batch with them, they would work and be processed because they are 200 DPI. But within the context of the grayscale Batch, Recognition Server knows that the original file DPI is too low and refuses to process them.

The solution is to start with a higher DPI original file or purchase an EBC license.

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