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Extended 3 of 9 Bar Code Support


Question / Problem:

Does Kofax Capture support the Extended 3 of 9 character set in Code 39 Bar Codes?

Answer / Solution:

"Extended 3 of 9" refers to Code 39 bar codes which contain characters not found in the standard 3 of 9 character set, such as lower-case alpha characters or punctuation marks such as:

[ ] ( ) , . / < > ? { } | \ : ; 

This is accomplished through the use of escape characters (for example, a lower-case "a" is constructed using the two standard characters "+A", a left parenthesis is constructed using two standard characters "/H").

The Enhanced Bar Code (EBC) engine supports Code 39 bar codes that use the Extended 3 of 9 character set and will interpret the escape characters as Extended 3 of 9 characters by default.

The Standard Bar Code (SBC) engine does not support the Extended 3 of 9 character set.  If a Code 39 bar code contains the two-character combinations intended as Extended 3 of 9 escape characters, the SBC engine will return the literal two characters that were encoded, without translating them into the extended character. ("/H" instead of a left parenthesis)  

Note: Extended 3 of 9 may not be appropriate for all use cases, such as Code 39 bar codes that include combinations like "+A" or "/H" that are meant to be read literally.

To disable Extended 3 of 9 support in the Enhanced Bar Code (EBC) engine:

1. On each station where bar code recognition will be performed, navigate to C:\ProgramData\Kofax\Vrs

2. Create a new text file called KBarMode.ini if one does not already exist

3. Open KBarMode.ini in a text editor such as Notepad

4. Add the following lines (if they do not already exist):


5. Save the changes to KBarMode.ini and restart all modules and services that use ImageControls.


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