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Extract part of a bar code value for storage in a Kofax Capture Index Field


Question / Problem:

How can I extract only a part of a bar code value and store it in a Kofax Capture Index Field?

Answer / Solution:

A Recognition Script will allow you to achieve this. In the script, the value of the bar code arrives in the KfxValue variable. Use a function to handle the string as you need, and then save it back into KfxValue.

The procedure is:

  1. In the Recognition Profile used to recognize the bar code, click the button to create a Recognition Script.
  2. A window with the pre-defined script will appear, where in the KfxPostRecognition function, you can manipulate the recognized value via the KfxValue variable.
  3. Finally, you can take the characters that you need and save it back to KfxValue.

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