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Form ID Zone with dynamic images separate but sent to QC with low confidence level


QAID # 6905 Published

Question / Problem:

When trying to separate forms using a Form ID Zone with images that are “dynamic” (the contents of the form vary), the forms are being separated, but the batch is sent to the QC module because of the low confidence level.


Answer / Solution:

The problem is most likely due to the Page Registration setting for the Form Type.

When viewing the Form Type Properties, select the Image tab. This will contain the value for the Page Registration Confidence level.

The value specifies the minimum confidence for a page to be considered correctly matched against its corresponding sample page.

Since you are using Form ID Zones, there is no need for a comparison to the sample page to be performed.

So, you can set the slider down to 0% and the error should be eliminated, preventing the batch from being routed to the QC module.

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