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Form Identification Fails with Clear and Reliable Form ID Zone


QAID # 2825 Published 

Question / Problem:

I have defined a clear and reliable Form ID Zone. Why is form identification failing?

Answer / Solution:

This problem is fairly common, and there is an equally simple solution to the problem.

Frequently, a Form ID Zone is used for form identification in situations where the first page of the form is not otherwise very different from the other Form Types. Simple Page Recognition will fail when the forms are too similar.

The default settings in a Separation and Form Identification profile used with Form ID Zones actually include confidence requirements for Page Recognition, which are applied before the Form ID Zone is even tested.

In these situations, Kofax Technical Support recommends bypassing the Page Recognition step by setting the Confidence and Difference requirements both to zero. Setting them to zero forces Recognition to rely solely on the Form ID Zone for separation and form identification purposes.

To change the Confidence and Difference values:

  1. Open the Administration module.
  2. Go to the Batch Class Properties of the affected Batch Class.
  3. Select the Separation and Form Identification tab.
  4. Select the "Custom" radio button, ensuring that Kofax Page Recognition is selected from the drop- down list, and click "Edit".
  5. At the bottom of the dialog, adjust both the Confidence and Difference sliders all the way to the left, or "0".
  6. Save the changes (creating a new Profile name if prompted).
  7. Close the dialog and make sure the new Profile name appears in the drop-down on the Separation and Form Identification tab.
  8. Save the changes and re-publish the Batch Class.

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