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McAfee OAS rejects Documents causing Recognition Server crash


QAID # 19761 Published 

Question / Problem:

Recognition Server crashes after running through a number pages.

Can McAfee OAS (On Access Scan Statistics) cause any issues for Kofax Capture?

Answer / Solution:

Yes. In some instances, McAfee OAS rejects certain Documents while running Recognition Server, resulting in an application crash.

An indicator that this error has occurred can be found in the Event Viewer log. If the McAfee OAS application is logged as "info" in the Event Viewer log before the Kofax application crash occurred, then it is highly likely that Documents were rejected by McAfee within a Kofax Module.

McAfee OAS has been observed to view certain Documents as malicious, and automatically reject pages in Documents during Recognition Server processing.

If you find that the client is using OAS, please try disabling it and running the module again.

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