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Color or Grayscale Scanning Considerations

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Color or Grayscale Scanning Considerations



When scanning in color or grayscale, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Color images are larger and take longer to process.
  • Color images will take longer to send over the network or the Internet. You may find that the current network cannot meet the added demand.
  • You can import color images as Sample Pages.
  • Sample Pages are automatically deskewed. If you are not happy with the results of the deskewing process, you can temporarily disable it in the Scan menu.
  • Good OCR and ICR results require resolutions of at least 200 DPI; 300 DPI is preferred. You should also use the highest JPEG quality setting in the VRS Administration Console Scanner Configuration settings for the input source. OCR results with lower resolutions or quality may be problematic. In general, you will find that larger characters will yield better results than smaller text as resolution or quality drops.
  • OCR accuracy may be dramatically improved simply by turning on the "fill line breaks" and "thickening" image processing options. In many cases this appears to fix up the fuzziness caused by JPEG compression. This suggestion may not help for every Document, but it should improve the OCR accuracy in a significant number of cases.
  • Automatic separation by bar code is not performed on color or grayscale images in the Scan module.  It is performed in Recognition.
  • By default, automatic separation by patch code or Kofax Separator Sheets is not performed on color or grayscale images in the Scan Module if "Found on Standalone Separator Sheets" is enabled in the Batch Class Separation settings.  It is performed in Recognition.


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