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Deleted Batches Log Information

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What is the information logged to the Deleted Batches Log file?


Whenever a batch is deleted, information about the batch is stored in the deleted batches log file.

The information logged to the deleted batches log file is shown below:

Line "01", "batch name" , "batch description"

Line "02", "batch creation station ID", "batch creation date", "batch creation time"

Line "03", "expected number of documents in batch", "expected number of pages in batch", "pages per document", "document separation", "save document separators", "actual documents in batch", "actual pages in batch"

Line "04", "batch class name", "batch class description"

Line "05", "queue start date", "queue start time", queue end date", "queue end time", "queue process name", "queue termination state", "station ID", "queue termination error code", "error text", "keystroke count - manual index fields", "keystroke count - corrections to OCR index fields", "keystroke count - corrections to ICR index fileds", "keystroke count - corrections to bar code fields", "keystroke count - corrections to OMR index fields", "error state"

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Article # 3042031
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