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Get Temporary Volume Increase

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When I run out of volume on the licensing dongle, how can I get more volume?


Additional temporary volume is available via a temporary license Activation Code. To obtain a temporary Activation Code, please fill out the form on the Request Temporary Kofax Capture Activation Code page on the Kofax Web site.

You may request a temporary Capture Activation Code to address the following needs:

  • Volume Increase

    You have run out of volume, and need a temporary boost to continue operations until you can order additional volume.

  • Date Rollback

    You have received a date rollback message (8064: "The date on the license server has been rolled backwards.") and need to continue operations.

  • Evaluation Date

    You have an evaluation copy of Capture and need a date extension.

  • Move Software License

    You have a software license and need to move the license to another system.


NOTE: You must select the correct version for the version of Capture that is installed, otherwise the temporary license will not work.

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