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Initial Troubleshooting of Kofax Capture and Add-On Products KIC, KTM, KAFC

Article # 3035037 - Page views: 914

Article # 3035037 - Page views: 914


Technical Support has not received enough information to move your case forward.  Additional details on How-To conduct initial troubleshooting for the Kofax Capture and Add-On Products such as Kofax Import Connector, Kofax Transformation Modules, Kofax Analytics for Capture, and similar are included below:  



When contacting the Kofax Technical Support team there is some initial logs and assessments of the environment that may be helpful during troubleshooting and investigation which includes the following: 

1. Let us know if the problem can be duplicated. Please provide the full steps to reproduce the issue including any relevant data like:


2. Please utilize the Kofax Log Collector Utility for gathering of the KC, KTM, KIC and many more logs on the machine where the issue is occurring and from the Primary Server.


3. Please ensure the full product version is provided for Kofax Capture and the version of the Add-On Product (KIC, KTM, KAFC), if applicable. 

  • fill in the "Version Detail" support case field with installed Servicepack and Fixpacks regarding the used products
  • Indicate whether there are any Hot Fixes that have been applied to the affected environment.
  • Advise Technical Support if there have been any recent Operating System Updates or Security Patches applied to the environment.  

Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware

Kofax Capture



Kofax Import Connector



Kofax Transformation Modules all      
Kofax Analytics for Capture 2.1      
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