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KC11 - Documentation and Download of ERP export connector

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I have the need to export batches from Kofax Capture 11 to ERP Export Connector.

Where can I download the ERP Export Connector and documentation.



This Export Connector is no longer available or supported via Kofax Technical Support.

However, the ERP Export Connector is available via Kofax Professional Services Group (KPSG) for a fee.

Please be aware this is NOT supported by Kofax Technical Support, but by KPSG.

To gain access to the Export Connector.

1.- Contact you Kofax Account Advisor or Sales Support Enquiries for your region and request the Kofax Professional ERP Export connector.

o   For AMS:
o   For EMEA:
o   For APAC:

2.-There is also a Partner Supported ERP Export Connector available from the following link.

There are at least 2 Partner supplied ERP export connectors listed on this page.




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KC 11      


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Article # 3038374
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