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Kofax Log Collector

Article # 3032993 - Page views: 745

Article # 3032993 - Page views: 745


When issues occur within a Kofax product used, technical support needs the product generated log files for analysis and check for occurring problems or mis-configurations.

To make the collection of these log files easier for customers, technical support provides a Log Collector application which will make it easier to provide the needed files.



The latest version of Log collector can be downloaded from the Utilities section on

Kofax Transformation Modules Product Release Information 

It includes a guide which explains in detail how it is utilized along with the application and configuration xml file which can be adjusted manually.

Steps to proceed:
  1. Download the Kofax Log Collector
  2. Extract the zip file and open the created folder
  3. Run the "Kofax Log Collector.exe" by double clicking
  4. Read and accept the disclaimer with Terms & Conditions shown
  5. The main interface will show the possible log files that could be collected. It is usually only necessary to collect the product where the issue occurs to be collected along with the Windows Eventlogs and MSinfo report. In default all logs will be collected.
  6. When un-ticking the first checkbox "All Logs" you can specify the log files that should be collected. In this example it is assumed an issue within Kofax Capture application.
  7. The menu item "File" allows to set the export path where the resulting log collection will be saved to. Choose "Set Export Path..." and define the folder of your choice to save the exporting result.
  8. Then choose "File" -> "Export".
  9. You will see a progress bar that shows current processing.
  10. Wait till it has finished. It can take some minutes to collect the configured log files depending on the size and amount of log files configured. The folder where the compressed zip file with the generated log files will open in file explorer.
  11. Please attach this to the case in relation so technical support can start to analyze this and provide feedback what the cause could be or progress further with problem resolution.



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