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Ports Used by Kofax Capture

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What ports do the Kofax Capture server and Capture clients require?



The Capture Server utilizes TCP ports for communication between client PCs and the server PC. SQL Server also requires a specific UDP port for name resolution of Named Instances.

For network connections to the CaptureSV folder:

  • Server Message Block (SMB) = 139 and 445
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) = 53
  • NetBIOS = 137, 138, 139
  • Remote Desktop Protocoll (RDP) = 3389

TCP port 2424, UDP port 1434, and a dynamically-assigned TCP port (see below)

The dynamically-assigned TCP port can be found and even edited in the System Registry under the following Key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\AscentCapture\MSSQLServer\SuperSocketNetLib\Tcp\TcpPort

You can replace the value in order to change the default port for the Capture named SQL Server instance to any available TCP port. Enter the port number you choose or enter a value of 0 to have SQL Server dynamically detect and assign a port. The change will be implemented the next time the Capture server restarts. You can force a restart by rebooting the server or by restarting the SQL Server (ASCENTCAPTURE) / MSSQL$AscentCapture service.

Changing the TCP port on which the Named Instance listens does not eliminate the requirements for UDP port 1434 and TCP port 2424.


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Article # 3032007
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