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Size Limits in Capture 11.x

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What are the size limitations in Capture 11.x (e.g., the number of Batches in the system, Pages per Document, etc.)?




The size limitations are as follows:

  • Maximum Pages per Batch: 99,999
  • Maximum Form Types per Batch: Unlimited
  • Maximum Zones on a Page: Unlimited
  • Maximum fields per Document Class: Unlimited (capped by system resources)
  • Maximum object name characters: 32
  • Maximum description length: 80
  • Maximum number of Batches in the system: Unlimited (capped by system resources)
  • Maximum number of characters for CHAR/VARCHAR value: 25,000
    • When setting default values for Index and Batch Fields, the limit is 254 characters. However, when validating Documents, additional characters can be added up to 25,000. Please refer to QAID 18265 for more information.
  • Maximum number of Page Level Bar Codes per line: 64
  • Maximum number of Page Lever Bar Codes per page: 64
  • Number of unique Document ID values (integer): 2,147,483,647
  • Maximum characters for User ID: 128
  • Maximum characters for User ID password: 14
  • Maximum Notes size: Unlimited (memo field)
  • Maximum levels for Nested Folders: 32,000
  • Maximum Folder Classes per Batch Class: 32,000
  • Maximum Index Fields per Folder Class: 32,000
  • Maximum Index Fields per Table: Unlimited (capped by system resources)
  • Maximum Folders per Batch: Unlimited (capped by system resources)
  • Maximum Table Rows per Table: Unlimited (capped by system resources)

The limits above are absolute limits. As these are approached, performance will be affected. Practical limits may need to be determined by testing in context of available system resources.


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Article # 3048540
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