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Standard Database SA Password

Article # 3034325 - Page views: 94

Article # 3034325 - Page views: 94


Why doesn’t Kofax disclose the ‘sa’ account password for their products that use the SQL Server Express database engine?



There are two primary reasons for this.

First, to alleviate security concerns for our customers, Kofax retains this password to prevent any unauthorized access into the database.

Second, since Kofax products are considered proprietary software, the database password is not disclosed. Additional information regarding Kofax software licensing can be found in the Kofax License Agreements section of the Kofax License and Warranty Information Web page of the Kofax Support Web site.

Kofax does provide administrators the option to migrate the database to alternative engines, such as MS-SQL Server, Oracle DB and IBM DB2 (depending on the product).

If the standard installation does not satisfy your business requirements, Kofax recommends migrating the affected product to one of these alternative database engines. It is also important to note that any maintenance issues are the responsibility of your database administrator.

Please note that altering any objects within the database for any reason may lead to issues during normal operations, updates and/or upgrades, which may leave your database in an unsupported state.


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