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Batch Summary report daily total amount of exported Batches listed is incorrect


QAID # 11742 Published 

Question / Problem:

When I run the Capture Report Viewer's Batch Summary report for a specific day, the total amount of released Batches listed is incorrect.

What is causing this discrepancy?

Answer / Solution:

The Batch Summary report will list an incorrect amount of exported Batches when the Windows Time service is not properly synchronizing across the network in a Capture client/server installation.

To verify if a time service synchronization issue exists on the network, search the Windows Event Viewer's System logs on the server and all client stations, for any warning/error messages related to the W32Time service.

The following messages may be encountered:

“W32Time” Error: The time provider NtpClient is configured to acquire time from one or more time sources; however none of the sources are currently accessible. No attempt to contact a source will be made for 479 minutes.

“W32Time” Warning: The time provider NtpClient failed to establish a trust relationship between this computer and the domain in order to securely synchronize time. NtpClient will try again in 480 minutes.

This time synchronization issue can cause any of the Capture module's processing end time to be logged as a time that occurs later than the Export module's end time. This Batch processing information is written to the database and the Deleted Batches log file (log_yymm.txt).

When this time anomaly occurs, the affected Batch will not be included in the Batch Summary report total.

The following log file snippet shows an example of when the Validation module’s process end time ("14:16:07"), occurred after the Export module’s end time ("14:16:06"):

"01","1/19/2009 1:25:48 PM","" "02","Station ID","2009-01-19","13:26:31" "03","0","0","0","1","0","1","2"
"04","Batch Class Name",""
"05","2009-01-19","13:34:16","2009-01-19","13:34:17","Recognition Server","64","Station

For additional details related to the Deleted Batches log file and its location, please see KB 502.

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