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Delete Statistical Data using Command Line


Question / Problem: 

How do delete statistical data from Kofax Capture database other than Report Viewer user interface?

Answer / Solution: 

The new feature to execute delete records via command line instead of using Report Viewer user interface was introduce with Enhancement Request 896055. The process is faster than using the Report Viewer user interface, give timeout option for the process to run and give the flexibility to create a shell script.

Enter How to here:

a. Open an elevated command prompt

b. Type the following:

     ReportViewer.exe /DeleteStats   /RemainDay= 365  /t=0

Report Viewer Cmd.png

Report Viewer command description:

   - /DeleteStats <-- Command to tell the Report Viewer to delete stats

   - /RemainDay <-- Number of days corresponding to the amount of statistical data to keep

   - /t=0 <-- Timeout in seconds for the query to finish if not set then default "0" which will cause Report Viewer to run until all statistical data is deleted


This function is supported only for SQL Server and Oracle databases.

The delete progress is updated at the following location: %TEMP%\DeleteStats_yyyyMMddHHmmss.log

     - If the process is terminated before all data is deleted, the reports may not display correctly.
     - The delete command does not support multiple instances.
     - The installer requires an exclusive connection to the database.


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