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Best Practices for troubleshooting Host Processor Exception errors

QAID # 7415

QAID # 7415 Published

Question / Problem:

What are the Best Practices for troubleshooting Host Processor Exception errors?

Answer / Solution:

These errors can generate from the following areas:

  • VRS Profiles — Settings configured in a VRS profile may cause conflicts with the Batch Class Properties and/or Scanner Profiles.
  • Batch Class settings — Scan time Image Cleanup settings, if active with VRS, can lead to exception errors as well. This essentially causes cleanup to be performed multiple times.
  • ImageControls/Underlying Drivers — Corrupt ImageControls files can be determined by running the problem Batch's images through VCDemo.
  • Scanner Profile settings — A profile assigned to a Batch Class can interfere with image processing if, for example, it was copied from another scan station. Scanner profiles should be created from scratch at each station. A VRS profile may have redundant settings that are configured in a Scanner Profile (such as blank page deletion, for example).

To determine where the issue lies, test the images using VCDemo. This will test the ImageControls portion of the processing.

If that works, create a Settings.INI file by following QAID 4574 on the problem station. Then import this file into VCDemo and process the same images. The Settings.ini will contain the scanner and VRS settings (if applicable) that are used with the Batch Class.

If that still works, the problem may lie in the Batch Class Properties. Remove any scan-time Image Cleanup being performed in the Scan module. Republish the Batch Class after making any changes.

It is important to isolate these components to determine where the problem is occuring.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 5.1