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Delete only the Front Side of Separator Sheets


Question / Problem: 

When scanning and using double sided scan, is it possible to delete only the back side of the Separator Sheets?

Answer / Solution: 

This is possible in Kofax Capture 11.0 with Service Pack 1.

See the KC 11.0 SP1 Release Notes, page 15

Ability to delete first image when standalone separator sheets are enabled

Request ability to delete only the first image when Standalone Separator Sheet is enabled.


To retain the back side of the separator sheet, add the DeleteBackSideSeparator attribute to the DocumentSeparation tag in ACConfig.xml, as shown here:



<DocumentSeparation DeleteBackSideSeparator="0" />


The default value of DeleteBackSideSeparator is "1".

As another option, you can use the registry to configure the new behavior.

Add a new string value named DeleteBackSideSeparator to the following key, and set the value to "0".

Note: Do not introduce a new DocumentSeparation tag in ACConfig.xml if the tag already exists with

other attributes. If both the registry value and DeleteBackSideSeparator attribute exist, then the registry setting is used.

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