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Determine if Scan Module error is Reproducible in VCDemo


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Question / Problem:

How can I tell if I’m having a problem with the Capture Scan module, or with the ImageControls files that the Scan module is using?

Answer / Solution:

A good rule of thumb to determine whether you are experiencing a problem with the Scan module or the ImageControls files that the Scan module is using, is to test scanning in VCDemo. VCDemo is a separate application from Capture, and can narrow down a problem with ImageControls files or the scanner itself. Keep in mind that you will want to use the settings that you have set up in Capture. If you are using a Scanner Profile in Capture, you will want to match the settings configured in that profile.

To run a test in VCDemo:

  1. Close all Capture modules on the Scan station.
  2. Create a text file on the root of C: named KfxDebugScanSettings.txt (this name is case sensitive).
Note: Network administrators often lock down the root of the C: drive from standard users. If this is the case, please request the system personnel at the site to allow read/write access.
  1. Open up the Capture Scan module and scan a Batch. This will create a file in the root of C: named Settings.ini.
Note: If the settings.ini file is not accessible by all users, they will receive an error 2347, Error Writing Data. Also see the NOTE in Step 2 above.
  1. Close the Scan module.
  2. Open up VCDemo VCDemo can be located in the Capture / Ascent folder under \ImgCtls\BIN look for a multi-colored icon named vcdem32p.exe.
  3. Click Source ¦ Scanner. A dialog box will appear with your scanner listed. Click the OK button.
  4. Click File ¦ Load Settings. Browse to the root of C:\ and load the settings.ini file.
  5. Load the batch into your scanner. Click Source ¦ Process Batch.
Note the results of the scan in VCDemo. If you experience the same error that you were experiencing in Capture, you most likely have an issue with the ImageControls files.

If you scan in VCDemo and do not experience the same problem you saw in Capture, you most likely have an issue with Capture.

When completed with the troubleshooting tasks, be sure to delete both files:

C:\KfxDebugScanSettings.txt and C:\Settings.ini.

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