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Error Reading Data error when scanning or importing in Scan module with VRS 4.5


QAID # 15885 Published

Question / Problem:

I received the following error message when scanning or software-importing an image in the Scan module:

Error Reading Data. Error originally reported by Image Controls: 20034 "Error Reading Data"

I have applied QAID 4574 but the issue could not be reproduced in VCDemo. How can I resolve this problem?

Answer / Solution:

This error is a known VRS issue that has been reported as SPR 94839. The fix for the issue can be found in the fix for COD 1103 that currently is only provided on case-by-case basis. Please contact Kofax Technical Support to obtain this fix.  This issue has been resolved in Kofax VRS 5.x.

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Keywords: 20034 Error Reading Data