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Front Delete Blank Page Threshold bytes value does not persist between Scan Module sessions


QAID # 11718 Published 

Question / Problem:

In the Scan Module, I select Scan ¦ Properties from the menu, enable Front Delete Blank Page Threshold, enter a Threshold (bytes) value and close the Scan module. When I reopen the Scan Module and look at the Threshold (bytes) amount, it is blank, the count I entered did not save.

Answer / Solution:

The Threshold (bytes) value does not automatically persist between Scan module sessions, but can be saved in a Scanner Profile.

In order to save the Threshold (bytes) value, after entering the value and clicking OK, go to Scan ¦ Scanner Profiles ¦ Save, and save the profile.

You can now exit the Scan Module and reopen. Select the Scanner Profile by going into Scan ¦ Scanner Profiles ¦ Load, selecting the profile you created.

If you then go into the Properties, you'll notice that the Threshold (bytes) value was in fact saved (in the profile).

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