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Programmatically read bar codes at Scan time


QAID # 3551 Published

Question / Problem:

Are there any methods to programmatically read bar codes at Scan-time?

Answer / Solution:

In some cases, bar codes that are set up and defined on the Sample Page as Page Level Bar Codes are automatically read at scan time. These resulting values are then available at Scan-time via the Custom Panel API and their assigned Index Field value. Page Level Bar Codes are read at Scan-time for Batch Classes that do not have the Recognition Server queue added for any other purpose. For example, if the Batch Class has OCR recognition occurring in the Recognition queue, then the Page Level Bar Codes will also be read in the Recognition queue instead of in the Scan queue.

Bar codes that are defined as zonal on the Sample Page are not available until the Recognition queue. There are no other methods of the Capture APIs that can read bar codes at Scan-time.

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