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Replace Page from Scan uses Back Side Image when Both Sides Enabled


Question / Problem: 

When replacing a page by scanning a new page when Both Sides is enabled in the Scan Settings, the page is replaced by a blank page or the back side of the scanned page.

Answer / Solution: 

The Replace Page feature in Kofax Capture replaces a single image with a single replacement image.  Therefore, when a scan source is selected, Replace Page sends a Scan Single Page command to the scanner. 

However, if the scanner is set to scan Both Sides (duplex mode), it sends two images to Capture.  Capture replaces the original image with the first image it receives from the scanner, and replaces that image with the second image it receives from the scanner.  This results in the back side image (which may be blank) being used as the final replacement image.

Enabling Blank Page Deletion in the Kofax VRS settings does not resolve this issue, because VRS only deletes blank pages when scanning in Batch Scanning Mode. 


To resolve this issue:

  1. In the Scan Settings menu, enable One Side (Simplex)
  2. Right-click the page to be replaced and select Replace to scan the replacement page.


Applies to:  

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