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Scan Sources still appear in Scan Module after being deleted in Scanner Configuraiton Utility or VRS Admin Console

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Question / Problem:

After all scan sources are deleted via the Scanner Configuration Utility, some scan sources still appear in VCDemo when Source ¦ Scanner is selected.

Answer / Solution:

Scan sources may appear in VCDemo if they are still referenced in the Kofax200.ini file. Deleting the scan sources via the Scanner Configuration Utility or VRS Administration Console should also delete the references in the Kofax200.ini file, but there have been instances where the deletion has failed. If the deletion has failed the references in the Kofax200.ini file can be deleted manually.

The Kofax200.ini file can be found in the following location:
C:\Program Data\Kofax\Vrs

Note: There might also be a copy of the Kofax200.ini file in the Windows folder, however, that copy will not need to be edited.
Note: Before making any changes to the Kofax200.ini file, make a backup copy and place that copy in a safe place.

Delete any references to the scanner in question from the Kofax200.ini file. Do not delete the category or other items in the category not directly referencing the scanner.

Categories and entries that might reference the scanner include:

  • [Sources32_200]
  • [Source¦ImageDevice]
  • [ImageDevice¦DefaultSource]
  • [Name of Scanner¦Sources]
  • [VirtualRescan]
    AliasSource=Scanner Source
    InitializedScanSource=Scanner Source

Once the editing has been completed, save and close the Kofax200.ini file and test in VCDemo.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 4.5


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