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Scanner Color Mode Configuration for Scan and VRS Test Application


Question / Problem: 

I have a scanner capable of scanning in Color, how can I configure the scanner to scan in Color for Kofax Capture Scan module and the VRS Test Application (VCDemo.exe)? 

Answer / Solution: 

The scanning application is responsible for configuring the scanner's Color Mode and can be set from Scan Source Properties.  

Steps to enable Color Mode for Virtual ReScan (VRS):

  1. Launch the VRS Test Application (VCDemo)
  2. Set the Source to Scanner & Select the Installed Scanner
  3. Select Source - Properties & Color Mode


Steps to enable Color Mode for Kofax Capture (Scan.exe):

  1. Launch the Kofax Capture Scan Module
  2. Set the Scan Source to the desired Scanner
  3. Click the blue I icon, next to the selected Scan Source to display Scan Source Properties - Color Mode
  • You will have a drop-down available for selection of Color, Grayscale, BW as the mode.  

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
VRS ALL Profiles