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Zero byte PDF file Imports into Capture


Question / Problem: 

How is a malformed zero byte PDF file able to successfully import into Capture.

This malformed zero byte error can be seen when trying to open this file with Adobe Reader.  The error would be shown as:

Adobe Acrobat Reader could not open ... because it is either not a supported file type
or because the file has been damaged

Answer / Solution: 

The following Capture settings would allow the import of this type of file:

In Advanced on the highlighted Batch class under Batch Class Properties the following is selected:

  • Allow import of eDocument files
  • Treat non-Tiff images as eDocument files
  • Treat imported PDF files as Tiff images


This is working as designed as the PDF file is treated as a eDocument in Capture.


Applies to:  

Product Version
Capture 10.1



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