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Form Type drop-down list is grayed out in Separator Sheet Utility


Question / Problem: 

I have reserved a Patch Code and am attempting to use the Separator Sheet Utility to print Separator Sheets, but the Form Type dropdown list is grayed out (disabled).
Why can't I select a Form Type?

Answer / Solution: 

When configuring a Batch Class to use Kofax Separator Sheets for Document Separation, in addition to reserving a Patch Code, you must also set the Identification method to Kofax Separator Sheets. Otherwise, the Form Type option/dropdown will not be active.

Do the following steps to see the options in the Form Type drop-down list:

1.      Open the Administration module.

2.      Right-click on the Batch Class you wish to configure and select Properties.

3.      Select the Custom radio button.

4.      Use the dropdown to select the Profile you created when reserving the Patch Code.

5.      Select Edit Profile.

6.      Make sure Patch code is selected under Document Separation (this would have been done when initially reserving the Patch Code.)

7.      Under Identification, select Kofax separator sheets.

8.      Either save this to a new profile or save it to the existing one, then select Close.

9.      Select OK.

10.    Publish the Batch Class.

You should now be able to go into the Separator Sheet Utility and select the Form Type — All Forms or None.

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