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Batch Notification Service Description and Disable Instructions


QAID # 20654 Published

Question / Problem:

How does the Batch Notification Service work in Kofax Capture 10.x, and how can it be disabled?

Answer / Solution:

Below are the components for BNS:

  • A BNS Server (This is the Kofax Capture Server - as listed under ServerName in the Registry.)
  • BNS clients (Workstations installed from the CaptureSV\WrkInst folder)
  • Kofax Capture Service (with "Batch Notification Service" listed under Description)

Note: With Kofax Capture versions prior to Kofax Capture 10.1, BNS is enabled by default. For Kofax Capture 10.1 and newer installations, it is disabled. For Kofax Capture 10.1 and newer upgrades, the status is retained from prior version.

BNS functionality is always enabled even when "disabled." What is actually disabled is the outbound traffic from a node when a Batch is closed. The listener will continue to listen, however, because no traffic is sent from the sender node, notifications are not received and the Batch process reverts to 60 second polling for "pull" mode processing.

In all cases, this Registry Key (Enabled Key) should always be left enabled ("1"):


To disable BNS from sending output communications, set the DisableBatchNotification Registry Key to "1" on ALL nodes where KC is installed (the KC server and all clients) and restart the Kofax Capture Service on all of these nodes:


Note that the Description for the Kofax Capture Service will still have “Batch Notification Service” listed.

Also, the <BatchNotification> element in the ACConfig.XML file is not used. It is likely a by-product of enabling the BNS service (shared code used by licensing and KCNS).

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