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Install Modules as a Service


QAID # 10632 Published

Question / Problem:

How can I install modules as a service, and what considerations need to be taken into account when doing so?

Answer / Solution:

The following executables for the unattended modules are located in the Kofax Capture Bin folder:

Kofax PDF Generator kfxpdf.exe
OCR Full Text ocr.exe
Recognition Server fp.exe
Export release.exe
Remote Synchronization Agent (RSA) acirsa.exe
XML Import Connector acxmlai.exe

These can be installed from the command line with the following syntax:

  • Install: module_executable.exe -install
  • Uninstall: module_executable.exe -uninstall

If you are using User Profiles, use the following additional syntax:

  • Install: module_executable.exe –install -u:"userID" -p:"password"
  • Uninstall: module_executable.exe –uninstall -u:"userID" -p:"password"

An enterprise license is required to install multiple instances of the same module. For details on this, please see KB 8259

Note that an important consideration for services is the Windows user account under which they are run. See KB 10631 for details.

See the Kofax Capture Installation Guide for more information on installing as a service.

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