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Bad Filename or Number error during File Import

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Importing an image results in the following error:

An error occurred while importing the file '[path to TIF image]' Bad filename or number



The Bad Filename or Number error can occur during scanning or importing images if the Temporary Image Storage location defined in the batch class is missing or the user account does not have necessary permission to access it.



  1. From the affected workstation, attempt to browse to the path defined in the Batch Class Properties as the Temporary Image Folder
  2. If the path cannot be reached, or if Windows prompts for login credentials, the logged in user does not have access to the folder.
  3. If the folder can be reached, attempt to create a file in that location.  If the file cannot be created, the user account requires the Write permission for the folder.
  4. If the folder can be reached and a file can be created, attempt to rename an file or folder in that location.  If the file or folder cannot be renamed, the user account requires the Modify permission for the folder.
  5. Make the necessary folder permissions and/or Network sharing permissions changes to the folder to grant the user account Read, Write, Modify, and Delete permissions.  Or select a different location where the user account has the necessary permissions as the Temporary Image Storage Location in the Batch Class and republish the batch class.


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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Capture 11.1 11.0 10.2 10.1 10.0 All All N/A




Article # 3031420