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DatabaseVars.ServicePackNum does not match the current version KdoLib error 4110 when launching any module

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The following message is returned when trying to open any Kofax module:  "[4110] KdoLib: The DatabaseVars.ServicePackNum does not match the current version: schema=  "

How can this be resolved?



This issue usually occurs when the file versions of the current installed Kofax Capture version does not meet the database patched schema.



One solution was to install another instance of SQL Server. Once SQL server was installed used DBUTIL to point to the newly install SQL Server and created a new database.

Another option to solve this issue would be to open an administrator command shell (cmd).


dbutil /unpatchAll

dbutil /patch

After the command has been run successfully, the database schema should get patched with the current installed Service- and Fixpack version of the Kofax application.


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Capture 11.x      


307944, 3031064


Article # 3031104
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