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Error 4110 - The databasevars.versionnumber does not match the current version

Article # 3032661 - Page views: 202

Article # 3032661 - Page views: 202


When attempting to launch Kofax Capture modules such as Batch Manager, Scan, or Administration, then there is an error received:

[4110] KdoLib: The DatabaseVars.VersionNumber does not match the current version: schema=11012, database=11011



This can be caused when a client machine is installed but the Service Pack and/or the Fix Pack are not installed to match the server version exactly.

Another cause may be if the server was upgraded and the Windows User does not have full authority on the machine and database or there are still client machines or services still connected to the database.



Upgrade the workstation, by installing the same Service Pack and/or Fix Pack installed on the server. If the server is on a lower version, then you may want to upgrade the server to match the client or downgrade the client machines to match the server.


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