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KdoLib 4025 Cannot Seize Semaphore It was Previously Locked

Article # 3033966 - Page views: 375

Article # 3033966 - Page views: 375


The Remote Synchronization Agent (RSA) is reporting an error message similar to the foillowing, and fails to synchronize:

[4025] KdoLib: Cannot seize semaphore '<BatchClassName>' (1). It was previously locked by '<OtherBatchClassName>' LockID={82ca65e1-d71c-496c-b7c4-a14c1eb87889}



This can be resolved on the Remote Site and running the following SQL commands:

"SELECT * from acsystem.dbo.xlock where abandoned = 1"

This command will allow you to determine if there are abandoned locks that need to be removed.


To remove the abandoned locks, run the following command:

"DELETE from acsystem.dbo.xlock where abandoned = 1"


Please see link to SQL EZ Query Utility which allows you to run SQL queries without the need for the SA password:


Please make a backup of the SQL Database before deleting records.

Please see link to application note for backup:

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