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Move Capture License to New Machine

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What is the procedure for moving a Kofax Capture software license to a new server?


To move a software based license, whether it's an evaluation license or a production license, navigate to the Request Temporary Kofax Capture / Ascent Capture Activation Code page on the Kofax Web site:

  1. Go to Kofax Move License Website
  2. Complete the Contact Information portion of the form
  3. Enter the Serial Number of the license to be moved into the Serial Number and Serial Number (confirm) fields.
  4. Leave the Version value set to All other products and/or versions
  5. From the Reason dropdown list, select Move Software License
  6. Click the Request button.  Two new fields will appear.
  7. Enter the Product Code for the license into the Product Code field
  8. Enter the Machine ID for the NEW server into the Machine ID field.  (The Machine ID should be copied from the Kofax License Utility on the new server)
  9. Click the Request button again.
  10. A Temporary Activation Code will be generated which is good for 5 days from the time of generation.
  11. Copy the Temporary Activation Code
  12. In the Kofax License Utility on the new Capture server, select File, Activate from the menu
  13. Click the Manual button
  14. Paste the Temporary Activation code into the Paste activation code below field and click Activate

Within the five-day temporary activation period, the Kofax Sales department will contact you to make the move permanent. You should then Activate the License once more, by opening License Utility and clicking File-Activate-Automatic which should remove the TEMP status on the license. If the machine does not have internet access, then you will need to manually activate using the below link:

Kofax Manual Activation Website


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