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PDF Generator with Error API_FILEFORMAT_ERROR - OPLicOEM.lic File

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PDF Generation is failing (either in the Full Text OCR step or the PDF Generator step) with the following error:
PDF Generator Error: CKfxException: 0x0000001A File: OmniPageRecognizer.cpp, Line: 660, 8004C418:
API_FILEFORMAT_ERR: Format Error In Current File: C:\ProgramData\OmniPage\License Manager\OPLicOEM.lic File: OmniPageRecognizer.cpp Line: 660 P...

These fixes have been added, but this makes no difference.

Kofax Capture - KC-
Kofax Capture - KC


 Remove the file - OPLicOEM.lic file and restart the Kofax PDF services.



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KC 11.1      


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Article # 3046467
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