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Request was aborted request was cancelled ACIIIS 601 error in RSA

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Specific batches are not able to be uploaded to the Central Site from the Remote Site. The RSA logs show the error, "Request was aborted, request was cancelled." What is the cause and how can this be resolved?




In one case it was due to certain images of a batch. When manually processing the batch through KCN Server through the Batch Manager, it would always stop on a specific image.

To resolve this issue:

For KC 11.0

  1. Create a new string value (see the value at the end of this path): 
    • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Kofax Image Products\Ascent Capture\3.0\RsaCompressXmlFiles.
  2. Set the value to 1.
  3. Similarly, RsaCompressImages can also be created to send images in a package rather than individual files. Set this value to 1 to enable.

For KC 11.1

1. At the Remote Site, open Batch Manager.

2. Enable the RsaCompressImages and RsaCompressXmlFiles options in the Remote Site tab.


Note: These two settings affect uploads from Remote Sites only. Downloads are not affected. 


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