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Scan Volume Decrement Conditions in Kofax Capture

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What influences the remaining scan volume of a scan license?



In general, each image or eDocument (scanned or imported) decrements the counter by one. The same thing applies for separator sheets (even when marked as "Found on Standalone Separator sheet" in the Separation method).


The only exception to this rule is a blank page that gets deleted at Scan-time (via the 'Blank Page Deletion Threshold' parameter); this will not decrement the counter.


Inside the Scan module, the deletion of an image or eDocument does not re-increment the counter.


However, the deletion of a newly created Batch will re-increment the counter (with the number of images in the Batch), as long as the Scan module was not closed before the Batch was deleted. In other words, if you delete a Batch after it has been scanned but before closing the Batch for the first time, the volume is restored to its previous level.


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Article # 3047606
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