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Using Kofax Capture Scan in VUS/Citrix

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We would like to use Kofax Capture and KTM as a Virtual User Sessions in Citrix Virtual Apps. I read Kofax article regarding "Kofax Support Statement on Virtual Computing & Cloud Support" ( There is a part which says:
Kofax thick-client components are supported in VUS and VDI environments. Examples of components supported in these environments include: Kofax Capture Validation, Kofax Capture Verification, Kofax Transformation Modules Document Review.

Is it also possible to use Kofax Capture Scan?





 The Kofax scan module running over a Citrix environment can just use the file import feature and not a hardware scanner, assuming the path is available and it's under the 128 character path limit.


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Kofax Capture ALL      


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Article # 3039789
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