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Automation error: The network path cannot be found


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QAID # 18899 NOT Published
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Question / Problem:

Automation error: The network path cannot be found

I use User Profiles with Active Directory linked users. My users are being prompted with a login box each time they start any Kofax Capture module.

There is an error logged in the error log:

PrPFData, , , clsNetSecurity.cls, 0, Centralized User Management error: GetCurrentNetUser - Automation error
The network path was not found. , ,

This shouldn't happen with linked users so what can I do to fix it?

Answer / Solution:

This is commonly caused by incorrect or missing DNS suffixes on the DNS tab of the Advanced TCP/IP settings in your network adapter properties. To resolve the problem, ensure that the correct domain suffix is configured for your users.

Applies to: 

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 10.0 Administration
CAPTURE 10.1 Administration
CAPTURE 9.0 Administration